Greener Partners

“Join us now and kick start the sustainable revolution…”

Meet Our Greener Partners

GREENER ACT is integrated in the scope of activities of the eGames Lab consortium – a consortium focused on the development of video games and creative industries in Portugal.

The eGames Lab brings together 14 companies, R&D centres and public and private entities (WOWSystems, Yacooba, Redcatpig, Infinity Games, Walkme Mobile Solutions, FootAR, Fapptory, Solvit, 4Spiro, Greener Act, Cookies, NOS, Jupiter Wisdom, Dream Expectation, ACIF, AFTM, APCA, CMF/ITI-LARSyS, IST.ID, PACT, Startup Madeira and AJEM).

The consortium is funded by the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Greener Act has signed up to Tourism Declares, an initiative that supports tourism businesses, organisations and individuals in declaring a climate emergency and taking purposeful action to reduce their carbon emissions as per the advice from The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to cut global carbon emissions to 55% below 2017 levels by 2030.

  1. Develop a ‘Climate Emergency Plan’ within the next 12 months, which sets out our intentions to reduce carbon emissions over the next decade. For example, incentivising members of Greener Act to organise regular tree planting sessions, known as “Greener Events” in order to mitigate climate change by suppressing the excess of CO2 in our atmosphere. Greener Act allows businesses to showcase their substantiality credentials and to maximise client’s engagement, by endorsing community projects and supporting local charities.
  2. Share an initial public declaration of our ‘Climate Emergency Plan’, and update on progress each year.
  3. Accept current IPCC advice stating the need to cut global carbon emissions to 55% below 2017 levels by 2030 in order to keep the planet within 1.5 degrees of warming. We’ll ensure our ‘Climate Emergency Plan’ represents actions designed to achieve this as a minimum, through delivering transparent, measurable and increasing reductions in the total carbon emissions per customer arising from our operations and the travel services sold by us.
  4. Encourage our “Greener Partners” to make the same declaration; sharing best practice amongst peers; and actively participate in the Tourism Declares community.
  5. Advocate for change. We recognise the need for system change across the industry to accelerate a just transition towards carbon-free tourism.
    Greener Act hopes that 2021 will be the year where all responsible stakeholders will come together, like never before, in order to “kickstart” the sustainable revolution.

Transformational Travel Council (TTC) is formed by global leaders shaping the future of meaningful tourism. It is a Cooperative Community that includes Destinations, Travel Advisors, Tour Operators, Accommodation, Wellness Retreats, Outfitters, Wisdom Schools, Social + Environmental Organizations, Institutions, Tourism Service Providers, Life + Travel Coaches. The TTC Allies come together to co-create ethical, equitable, ecologic and empathetic tourism ecosystem, and do meaningful business with one another. They use transformation design to enhance the customer journey experience, build loyalty, and use tourism to positively contribute to local communities and their livelihoods.

As a strategic partnership with the TTC, Greener Act will participate in the transformation design course to enhance the customer journey experience, build loyalty, and use tourism to positively contribute to local communities and their livelihoods.

“If we are to contribute to travel being a positive force for good in this world, it is not enough to simply return. The greatest opportunity travel holds is to use its gifts to create positive change in our lives, in our communities, and in the world.”

“If our journey transforms ourselves only we will have missed the true power of travel. The transformation must extend to the people, places, and cultures we travel to. Without this the journey becomes a selfish pursuit.”

The Long Run is a membership organisation of nature-based tourism businesses committed to driving sustainability. The community is global in scope and growing. The aim is to maintain a healthy and productive planet for posterity. Collectively we conserve over 23-million acres of biodiversity & improve the lives of 750,000 people. We seek to support, connect & inspire nature-based businesses to excel in following the highest standards of sustainability encompassing Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce (4Cs).

Affiliate Members are highly regarded, expert non-profits, academics, institutions and media platforms that align closely with our ethos and help The Long Run to collaborate, inspire and promote its mission. They are ambassadors of The Long Run and the 4Cs approach and provide vital in-kind support to assist our vision and mission. Greener Act is very honoured to have been invited to be an affiliate member of The Long Run.

The Long Run Certificate

In 2015, world governments agreed on a common 2030 Agenda.

17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) geared to end poverty, save our planet and create a prosperous world for all by 2030.

Tourism can play a huge part in achieving the SDGs and UNWTO is committed to provide the global tourism community with a space to come together and realize the 2030 Agenda.

The Tourism for SDGs (T4SDG) is a co-creation platform for all, to make tourism matter on the journey to 2030.

Research, education, and training, events, initiatives, policy papers, company CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and stories- all in one space.

Greener Act has established a strategic partnership with Tourism for Sustainable Development Goals and is showcasing its initiatives linked to the SDGs. Greener Act has joined other Portuguese companies, who are leaders in the sustainable marketplace, and is playing its role as a digital force of good to allow travellers to make positive changes by engaging with local stakeholders, through Greener Events and Greener Causes

It’s quite common for travellers to want to give back to the places they are visiting, and one way to do this is by volunteering. There are a number of ways to experience volunteering in Madeira, Portugal, but before you go I’d encourage you to learn how to volunteer responsibly

For a detailed guide on responsible travel and responsible volunteering, download the Nomads Giving Back! Madeira Giving Back Guide below. 

At Nomads Giving Back!, we believe in a collaborative, conscientious approach to impact. We encourage travelers, ex-pats, and nomads to proactively contribute to the communities around them.

This guide will provide you with resources to help increase your positive impact on the communities in which we live, work, and travel. For this reason, this guide will focus on how to become a more ethical volunteer, a persuasive advocate, and a responsible traveler.

This guide was made in collaboration with our partners Greener Act, Digital Nomads Madeira & TravelB4Settle. 


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